out of africa

“In the days and hours that Denys was at home we spoke of nothing ordinary. Not of my troubles with the farm, my notes due and my failing crop. Or of his with his work and what he knew was happening with Africa. Or of anything at all that was small and real. We lived disconnected and apart from things. I had been making up stories while he was away. In the evenings he made himself comfortable, spreading cushions like a couch in front of the fire and with me sitting cross legged like Shaharazaud herself, he would listen, clear-eyed, to a long tale from when it began until it ended.”

Faltam-me adjectivos para este filme. Felizmente, encontrámo-nos pela primeira vez há dois dias – que desperdício seria vê-lo sem ter passado por 34 anos de vida como mulher.

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  1. Este é um filme que vejo e revejo desde há 14 anos (desde que casei mais ou menos). Tenho em cassete de vídeo e recentemente comprei em DVD também. Também tenho a banda sonora. É sem dúvida um Grande filme:)

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